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Beetle Bottoms Memory & Snap Game

Beetle 02

$12.50 inc GST

Beetle Bottoms Memory and Snap Game follows the exciting adventures of the Beetle Bottoms and brings a new life to these 2 classic games, each card has a beautiful, detailed illustration of the Beetle Bottoms playing in nature which links with each different colour.

  • Colour Flash Cards.
  • Memory Game.
  • Snap Game.
  • Gorgeous Leaf Shaped Cards.
  • Packed in a sturdy cardboard box, Take them anywhere

The cards are leaf shaped and designed to grow with your child, you can start by using them as Colour Flash

Cards to help them learn their colours, then have fun playing Memory and Snap with your family.

Children will have fun and enjoy learning with our Story Play games.

The Beetle Bottoms Memory and Snap Game is a great educational game for kids.  

Created in Byron Bay, Australia this game will keep them entertained for hours!

and the benefits of the games are that they will help improve memory and increase concentration ability, while enhancing your child's cognitive and reasoning skills. This increases their self esteem, and improves visual memory which is so important for spelling and reading, and best of all the games are fun.



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