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Biodynamic Agriculture


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A newly revised edition. Biodynamics is an internationally recognized approach to organic agriculture in which the farmer

or gardener respects and works with the spiritual dimension of the earth's environment. In a world where conventional

agricultural methods threaten the environment, biodynamic farms and gardens are designed to have a sound ecological balance.

This concise and fully illustrated book presents evidence that biodynamic crops put down deeper roots, show strong resistance

to disease and have better keeping qualities than conventionally produced crops. 'This little paperback is essential for all organic

gardeners. Incredibly condensed amounts of information are available here

- Illustrated throughout with some lovely photos and clear diagrams.'--- Ysanne Spevack,

Willy Schilthuis was president of the Dutch Biodynamic Association for twenty-five years.

She has written several books on biodynamic agriculture.

128 pgs / Soft cover

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