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Elijah Come Again - A Prophet for Our Time

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'Elijah Come Again' is both timeless and timely in its scientific approach toward unveiling the mystery of human destiny. 

The research in this book shows the possibility of a new science of the stars based on a study of reincarnation

and karma. 

Robert Powell found that applying the science of astrosophy to the findings of karma research reveals - through the astrological

rules of reincarnation - the foundations of star wisdom.

The purpose of this book is to contemplate the incarnations of the Prophet Elijah and lay the foundation for a new

"science of the stars" as the "science of karma"

The Author, Robert Powell Ph.D, is an internationally known lecturer, author, eurythmist, and movement therapist.

He is the author of numerous books including The Sophia Teachings; and Chronicle of the Living Christ.

He offers workshops in Europe and Nth America, and helps lead pilgramages to the world's sacred sites


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