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*School and Kindy Products*

It is Our pleasure to be able to offer the following products at a discounted rate to registered Schools, Preschools, Kindys, Playgroups and Home Schooling Associations on provision of your organization's registration and ABN.

If you see a product elsewhere on our website that you may also like please feel free to order it and be assured that for most products the same discount will apply.

Please contact us to find out what your discounted rate is via email to

If there is a product that you may be interested in but do not see it on our website please contact us as we may be able to

get it or have it made for you.

Please note this discount applies only to legitimate organizations only and does not apply to freight.

We ask that you carefully consider NOT jeopardizing this discounted service by placing your Personal orders through it and thereby penalizing those that it is intended to benefit the most - Your Children and Their Education

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    RL01 Each
    Rainbow Candle - Single

    $1.75 inc GST

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    Farm Picture Mat

    $85.00 inc GST

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    inc GST

    March 2018, Our apologies, this item is currently unavailable

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