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Star Tree Home


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Welcome to the home of the Star Tree Faery. The Star Tree Faeries love to be up as high as they can so they can gaze up at the stars above.

They don't want to miss a single shooting or falling star as this is the most exciting thing ever.

Star Faeries sleep all day and wake up only when the first star (the star of David) is out. If you too are like the Star Tree Faeries place your tree house with a great view of the night sky, and you will soon hear the excitement of the star faeries!

The Star Faery tree comes with beautiful fold out branches and ladder attached. The base is approximately 30cm in diameter (making tree 45cms dia with branches outstretched) and stands approx 30cms tall to the middle of the star.

The Star Faery Tree is handmade by Himalayan communities in a fair trade environment using 100% Australian wool

Star Faeries are sold separately. 




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