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Where is Pip ?

Beetle 05

$16.50 inc GST

Where is Pip? is a lift the flap board book.
It introduces all of the Beetle Bottoms characters in an engaging way, while providing clues about what  
Pip is actually doing.

This book will fast become a favourite in you house with is bright engaging illustrations, simple repetitive 
text and the ability to guess and talk about what Pip is doing.

For all families who want to add some more fun and play to their home - the Beetle Bottoms give you so much 
more to talk about after the story is finished.

For children 0 to 4 years.


After reading this Beetle Bottoms Story Play book, take your child on his or her own Beetle Bottoms adventure. 

Go into the garden, ask your child what the Beetle Bottoms might be doing, explore the outdoors. 

Encourage them to use their imagination, listen to them, smile into their eyes and have fun together.


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